Do you find yourself bombarded by emotion, sensations, and physical pain that you are unable to deal with? So sensitive to your surroundings that it feels overwhelming? Have you felt ill for no reason? Do you check the emotional temperature of a room before stepping through the door? Do you have a close connection with animals or plants? Do you know things about others without them having to tell you? Have you been told that you are too sensitive? 


If you frequently experience any of these you may be an unskilled empath. 


For the unskilled empath, the above is just the way they experience life. They don’t understand that they are at risk of being totally bombarded, blindsided, and overwhelmed by emotions, agendas, thoughts, and actions that aren’t even theirs. By becoming skilled in using their forms (and most empaths utilize several types)  of empathy the empath can recognize what emotions, physical symptoms, and even thoughts are their own, and what is not, validating their own experiences. They can learn ways to incorporate the ability to clear their own energy fields of unwanted energy, shedding the overwhelm and finding their way to control more of their experience.

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I Can't.  I Won't.

I Will!

Creating Personal Resilience and Sustainability in Today's World


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Syzygy Best

What do you do when life as you know it ends?

       Cancer. Divorce. Job loss. Natural Disaster.

When life brings you to your knees, how do you find the strength to get up?  

How do you learn to disregard unwarranted fear yet, in a split second, decide whether to fight back, duck, or run for cover?

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"I Can't. I Won't. I Will!

Creating Personal Resilience and Sustainability in Today's World" 

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